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The Gibus Med Room is a cutting edge retractable pergola complete with LED lighting. Sophisticated All year round weather protection in rain, wind or sunshine

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Sold by Retractable Awnings in the UK.

Supplied by Gibus, Italy.

Gibus Medroom: premium quality & contemporary design

Gibus medroom supplied by RA

About the Gibus Medroom

The aesthetic charm and versatility of the Island model is also to be found in the fitted structure. In this pergola the Maki high tension fabric, in resistant anti-UV blackout PVC, opens using an innovative system of aluminium rollers that utilise ‘alternate rotation’. This movement transmission system is on lateral guides with a high-resistance timing belt, rotating on ball bearings. The cloth awning is operated by motorized SOMFY® systems. An added unique design allows water to drain away through an integrated pipe system within the frame. The structure is available with 2 or 4 posts delivering area coverage of up to 50 sq. m. An aluminium roof, integrated into the frame, gives added protection to the cloth when rolled back.

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A huge number of colours and fabrics to choose from

At RA we provide our customers with a wide variety of colours and fabrics to choose from. Sign writing and logo application for business is optional at no extra cost

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Gibus medroom supplied by RA
Gibus medroom supplied by RA
Gibus medroom supplied by RA
Gibus medroom supplied by RA
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